Common Questions

How long will the battery last?

More than 40 culverts can be pulled on a single charge. A local box culvert manufacturer has set more than 80 jobs on the same battery.

What size of pipes is the JB Pipe Puller capable of pulling?

All sizes, from 1’ to 14’ tall. From 500# to 80,000#. In less than 3 minutes, the JB Pipe Puller can be converted over to sit in front of any pipe four feet or less.

If the JB Pipe Puller is wedged tightly in the pipe, how do you get it un-stuck?

Simply rotate the selector valve to the left, activate the remote. This will rotate the lower shoe out from under the strut releasing the pipe puller. This feature is patented and now is the only pipe puller on the market with this option!

Do you have to move the JB Pipe Puller for every section?

No. Generally you can pull together two to three sections together from one setting.