JB Pipepuller

Advantages Over Competitors:

  • Pull Culverts from 1’-12'
  • Pull Culverts that weigh over 30 ton
  • Adaptable inside of culvert or outside
  • Hydraulic Set of Strut
  • Hydraulic Release of Strut
  • Height Settings every 1/2"
  • Cordless remote
  • Interstates Best deep cycle battery. (1645 cranking amps) Capable of pulling more than 40 box culverts on a single charge!
  • 20” wheels; Can maneuver around on stone base.
  • Powder Coat Paint Finish
  • 2 year warranty
  • Ships on a compact steel skid that contains all the needed accessories.
  • Solid Pull J-Link System eliminates the need for chains or cables under standard use.

I would like to introduce you to the JB PIPEPULLER, which is a mechanical device that was designed and patented to improve the culvert installation process. Utilizing hydraulic power, the JB PIPEPULLER produces more than enough horizontal force to pull the largest of box culverts sections together. This power will enable you to make tighter joints and save an average of ten to fifteen minutes per section. As you well know, even on small jobs these time savings mean big dollars when you consider labor, equipment, and crane rental.


#1 Versatile

  • Adaptable to Reinforced Round, Elliptical, And Box Culverts
  • Will Pull Together The Smallest Pipe To The Large Box Culverts
  • Mountable on The Inside Or Out

#2 Easy To Operate

  • Easy To Set Up
  • Very Easy To Position Inside The Culvert
  • Activated By A Cordless Remote Control
  • One-Person Operation

#3 Safer

  • No more placing blocks between the dozer and the culvert
  • Elimination of come-a-longs
  • The Remote Control allows you operation from a safe distance
  • Makes steady, even pulls

#4 Saves Time and Money

  • 10-15 minutes per joint saved
  • Stone base will not get disturbed by heavy equipment
  • Frees up the bulldozer or excavator
  • Reduces the time needed for that large crane
  • Minimizes damage to gaskets and joints
  • Years of dependability with very low maintenance

Patent No. 6969217

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